That brings us to the amazing, the fantastic, the wonderful Windmill Restaurant in Harties. As you head down the mountain into Hartebeespoort, just before you get to the dam, the windmill greets you on the left. The little centre built around it is laced with quirky little Dutch shops, a food market (the Jasmyn farmers market sells local produce), a massive bookstore… and of course, the restaurant.

The Windmill restaurant, as it’s known, serves a mean brunch. Sure they have dinner and breakfast going but they are most well known for their mid-morning delights. Boys, if you ever want to impress your better half’s parents, take them to this place – they are guaranteed to like you so much more for it.

From tantalising toasted sandwiches to big burgers that come with mega chips, there’s something for everyone. We usually stick to the toasties but either way, the food is just what you’re looking for on a Sunday road trip. Below the restaurant, there is a waffle house worth its weight in maple syrup. The place gets super packed on a Sunday, but usually clears out after lunchtime.



  • Jan Smuts Rd, Meerhof, Hartbeespoort, 0216
  • 076 648 5304
  • Mon-Fri 8am–5pm Sat-Sun 9am–5pm